Experience Riverboarding

On a riverboard, you are your own pilot, making your own decisions, picking your lines or following another's. Going for the meat of the rapid or the cheat line, running or portaging - it's all on you.

Is this where you stand up on the water?

I get asked this so often I created a meme.

Isn't it dangerous?

Few sports that induce adrenaline don't have some inherent danger. In many ways, it's safer than rafting (assuming you're in good enough shape to riverboard), and less troublesome than kayking.

I think I saw someone do it with a rope.

Sorry, that's not riverboarding. You're probably thinking of banshee boarding.

Is riverboarding the same as sledging?

Why yes, in fact; in the USA it's called riverboarding; some places call it hydrospeeding or sledging. Riverboarding seems most descriptive of what we do.

Why have I never heard of it?

For this and other unanswered questions, please see the section "f.u.q.".

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