About This Site

My name is Rochelle Parry and I created this site to promote the emerging sport of riverboarding, to hopefully allow you to find everything you need to get involved in the sport.

I wanted to create a portal of links and general information that can help people make informed decisions about getting into the sport.

Opinions expressed on this site are solely mine, one bodyboarder turned riverboarder who still bodyboards. I got on a riverboard in 2005 thanks to Josh Galt of Face Level Industries, who was demonstrating riverboarding at a festival in Cashmere, Washington. I didn't get hooked until a few years later, at the Gorge Games in 2008.

If you would like to be linked from this site and/ or have something to contribute by all means let me know (unless you're selling viagra). There's a fantastic social networking web site to meet other riverboarders around the world.

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