Frequently Unanswered Questions

Is this safe?
What is safe, really? You could never leave the house, but a sinkhole could open up and swallow you right in your living room.

Don't you get cold?
Yes, but I also wear a thick wetsuit. Sometimes two.

Don't you hit rocks?
Usually not on purpose. I do wear knee pads most of the time.

How long has this sport existed?
It's rumored to have started in France when some guides floated down the river on a clump of life vests. Bob Carlson made boards in the US in the 70s, but it's been popular in France for longer.

Why don't I see more of this in the media?
Good question. If you make James Bond movies, please have one of the chase scenes be down a class IV rapid on a riverboard, chasing the villain who is in a raft.

Why do you do this sport?
It's the most fun you can have wearing neoprene. It's also close to home.

What kind of people do this sport?
I've met all kinds.

I want to do this on the Grand Canyon. Can I?
It's been done but it's now not legal. No one could stop you from taking an inflatable along on a raft...

Has anyone died doing this?
Unfortunately yes, two that are known; one became entangled in debris.

What went wrong in your childhood?
Want a list?

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